Debt is any amount of money an individual, organization, or agency owes to another individual, organization, or agency. Generally, the borrower, customer or debtor, has a defined period of time to pay the outstanding debt, often with interest (an additional amount you pay to when provided credit).

Definition of Debt

  • Debt is an arrangement of credit provided by a lender to an eligible borrower.
  • It is the total amount of credit borrowed by a debtor from the lender.
  • It is a financial commitment made by a borrower to the lender who has provided the necessary credit.

Have you ever borrowed money?

Have you ever wanted to buy something, but didn’t have quite enough money? If you've purchased goods or services on credit, borrowed money from friends, relatives, or anyone else and promised to repay them, then you are “indebted” to pay it back. This is referred to as "debt."

Some examples of debt include:

  • Personal Loans
  • Outstanding Business Accounts
  • Unpaid Business Invoices
  • Bond Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Term Loans

Why do individuals, businesses & organizations have debt?

People just like you and businesses both large and small have debt for any number of reasons, including, cash-flow problems, business loans and much more. Individuals and families are sometimes affected by debt, when borrowing money to pay for a house, a car, university fees, medical bills, or home repairs.

Credit cards are also a form of debt. If you buy new clothes and charge it to a credit card, you are in debt to the credit card company, bank or financial institution until you pay your credit card bill.

Are you looking to eliminate your unresolved debts, delayed or unpaid accounts and dishonored cheques?

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How can debt collectors help me?

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