In addition to our collection of delinquent debt we offer full credit management advisory services on a retainer basis. We can help you regularise your accounts receivables faster and to ensure the implementation of a full-rounded credit management strategy. As such, we can help you implement a secure process to protect your capital and any vulnerable assets.

Our team of financial experts and consultants can advise you as to the correct financial strategy to increase efficiency and productivity within your company. After an on-site evaluation we will review and suggest recommendations to enhance existing, or replace old credit management policies.

In addition, we have credit management software that can manage your entire credit situation of your company. Our automated software can help you streamline your business processes. Our software can help you through your entire credit cycle with an incredibly user-friendly interface and intuitive, clever thinking initiatives. We ensure that you do not compromise on organisation or efficiency. With our software, managers are in full control of the assignment of accounts, work list assignments and account portfolio. Our software will register any system changes and record call logs for management and audit purposes. A customer-level viewing capability enables staff to act on all the entries related to the same customer. This will increase productivity and effectiveness incredibly.