Rachael Wallace
Reliable Property Management Services

"As a small business owner I was unsure about employing a debt recovery company to resolve my unsettled debts, but without Singapore Debt Recovery we would not have been unable to come to a resolution on our own. The friendly team explained the entire process in terms we could understand, without all the legal jargon, to be confused over. They were honest and upfront about the entire process and the costs involved, and were extremely fast to act on our behalf. We enjoyed almost instant returns from our customers, and would certainly use Debt Recovery Singapore if we needed in the future."

Luca Sharp
Lifting Strategies Pty Ltd

"Luckily for us we haven’t had to use Debt Recovery Singapore’s collection services on many occasions. On the few occasions we have, however, when we thought all opportunities had been exhausted and it was necessary to call in professional help, we have found the expert team at Debt Recovery Singapore to be extremely effective, supportive and professional, and we have been more than impressed with the results they were able to deliver. If needs, we would be only too happy to use their services again and I have no reluctance in commending their professional debt collection services to any business who unfortunately finds themselves in the same position."

Ian Lee
CEO, Toll

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the team at Debt Recovery Singapore for their swift and successful collection of a debt we had unfortunately accumulated, trying to resolve with no positive outcome in sight. I was astounded at how unbelievably simple it was to resolve my unpaid debt thanks to Debt Recovery Singapore and were extremely impressed with the speed of the results. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization, big or small, suffering from unsettled debts."

Ryan Chan

"In recent years we have successfully employed the debt collection services of Debt Recovery Singapore who delivered fantastic results. I have found their friendly team great to deal with and would certainly suggest anyone with unpaid debt to get into contact with them now."

Alex Ho

"Debt Recovery Singapore has always been our savior when it comes to resolving unpaid debt, and is a pleasure to work with. Debt collection is an undesirable feature for many businesses. But the team at Debt Recovery Singapore have made the entire campaign simple from the beginning and have delivered the maximum results for us. We can now concentrate on running our business without having to worry about the concerns of unpaid debts and poor cash flow. Thank you Debt Recovery Singapore."

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