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If today’s current economic climate wasn’t already difficult enough for individuals and businesses alike, the last thing you need is customers with outstanding debts or overdue accounts. Despite the fact you may be able to sympathize with your customers who are also feeling the pinch, the impact these unpaid or slow-paying debts can have on your business could be huge!

It is for these reasons and many more that it is vital that your business has hard-working and effective debt recovery strategy that also maintains working relationships with your customers. Chances are, at some stage in your business’ life-cycle, you will find yourself having to recover unpaid debts or overdue payments. The expert team of Debt Collection professionals at have a compiled a short list of debt recovery tips that will allow you to collect your unpaid or outstanding debts in an efficient and effective manner, with the least amount of stress to your or your organization.

Be proactive in recovering your debts

Every business that wishes to remain successful in today’s ever-competitive marketplace should employ a clearly defined strategy for handling overdue payments and unpaid debt. Not only will this help your business avoid the often difficult task of having to recover unpaid debts, it will also allow you to collect debts much faster and easier, should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. Being able to save time and money by effectively managing your credit, will provide huge benefits for any organization looking to improve their cash-flow.

Develop an effective credit management policy and debt recovery technique

Right from the beginning of any business transaction, it is important to have clearly defined system for dealing with customers who apply for credit. For instance if you make your customer or client aware that you will begin the credit collection process 30 days after the purchase, they are far more likely to pay before that date. It can also be a good idea to outline the steps involved in your debt recovery process to ensure your customers don’t get a nasty surprise when you begin contacting them.

Make it easier to recover your debts… Sign a contract!!

A legally binding contract or credit agreement will make it far easier to recover your debts on time and without hassle, and the best part… your contract doesn’t have to be overly complicated to be effective! Its as easy as stating what you will provide (money, goods, services etc.), what you will be played and when, how late payments will be handled, and the penalties involved. If both parties are happy to sign this agreement, than you have a valuable piece of information and evidence, should you ever require debt collection services.

Perform a credit check

Another simple tactic that you can integrate into your credit management and debt recovery strategies is the use of a credit check on prospective customers or clients who are applying for credit. This is a great way to evaluate the chances getting your credit repaid and avoiding the situation where you require professional debt collection services. Credit checks can help you make a more educated decision about customers applying for credit.

Integrate your own Debt Collection process

Implementing a debt collection process or debt recovery solution will benefit your business in a number of ways. First and foremost, it will greatly reduce the chance of making any mistakes in collecting payments and settling accounts, and furthermore, it allows your customers to see that this is an aspect of your business you take seriously and it isn’t personal should debt collection be required.

This handful of debt collection tips can provide huge benefits to you and your business’ credit management and debt recovery processes. In some unfortunate cases though, a small number of customers will still refuse to pay. With the most affordable Debt Collection Services in Singapore, there has never been a better time to get back to what you know best, running your business, and leave the Debt Recovery to the professionals at

Singapore’s Best Debt Collection Company | Helping You Recover Your Debts Quickly!

The expert team at provide the best debt collection services in Singapore and have years of experience in the financial and debt reclamation industry. Our professional debt collectors combined their knowledge and came up with some handy credit management and debt recovery tips to ensure a healthy cash-flow for your business.

Debt Recovery Tips

Submitting your invoices or accounts to your customers promptly should be the first step in any organization’s debt recovery process. Furthermore, it is important that you monitor your accounts receivables closely, so you understand what payments are required from every one of your customers. Including a standard reminder in your account payment process, before the payment is due, will give your customers an opportunity to make payments and avoid hearing from the debt collection specialists at You should also be prepared with a plan for handling customers with special circumstances, who may have a reasonable excuse for a late or delayed payment.

Issuing your invoices promptly should be the first step in your process. Additionally, make sure you monitor your accounts receivables regularly so you know what stage of payment each customer is in. Next, have a standard reminder that’s issued just before a payment becomes due so that your customers have a chance to make their payments. Last, have a plan for dealing with a variety of individual circumstances, because you are bound to have customers with a reasonable excuse.

Follow up unpaid debts immediately

Your business’ debt recovery process should begin the very first day an invoice is overdue. The longer you put off the collection of debts, the harder it will become to be paid what you are owed. Speak to your customer directly over the phone and find out why the invoice has been left unpaid. On the phone remember to be civil, but also strong, leaving the customer with no hesitation about paying the debt. If you are successful over the phone and you customer agrees to pay the invoice straight away, congratulations! You’ve done well. However, you should also be prepared to make alternative arrangements with some customers who are unable to pay outstanding credit immediately.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where a customer or client refuses to pay an outstanding invoice or debt, don’t worry! The team of professional debt collectors at Singapore’s Best Debt Recovery Company, are here to help. We deliver expert private and commercial debt collections for individuals and businesses and will work tirelessly to return your money. No debt is too big or too small for us.

We have years of experience in the Debt Collection Industry and understand the best ways to return unpaid debts to you personally, or your business. If you’ve tried everything and they still won’t pay, your next call should be to Singapore’s No.1 Debt Collection Company,